Poesy Liang

Poesy is a contemporary artist and award winning social innovator who embeds technology into her creative endeavours. In the basic sense of her multidisciplinary practise; Poesy is a painter, designer, composer, poet, sculptor, street artist, and movement maker; who spun out capsule brands of streetwear and fashion accessories - entrepreneurial expansions of her signature art series - Harry Putter, Running Rabbit, Pink Yakuza and others. Poesy masterminds social movements that runs a lifetime, while her interdisciplinary practise also covers large scale installations, piecing together paintings, objects, music & poetry - evident in her pavilion scale work, the Pirate’s Daughter. In a nutshell, Poesy is an illustrious storyteller with colourful backstories behind her humanitarian messaging that she continues to deliver to the world in unprecedented ways. Poesy is a frequent flyer, often appears on global stages, opening humanitarian innovation summits at the United Nations, showing her art in Dallas, Singapore as well as at home in Malaysia, while her street art appears in many international cities. She also wears the Founding VP hat of Women in Blockchain Asia. Poesy was schooled in architecture and business, and is the principal designer for a boutique jewellery house; and designs luxury hotels & residences since early 2000. She is also an advocate and accessibility consultant for the building industry. Poesy started her crypto journey in 2015 which led her to adopt blockchain solutions to track the provenance of her art stock. More recently, Poesy’s Running Rabbit, her signature of 20 years, continues the story in the form NFTs, and a game extension of Helping Angels 善行天使 - her social movement since 2007. She reinvents with technology to raise compassion, kindness and empathy by media reform.