Mohamad Johan Bin Mohd Nasir

Johan is no stranger to the technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and investment industry and its ecosystem. As a generalist-specialist, his diverse experience covers more than 30 companies, spanning across 22 years of professional experience, covering ASEAN and beyond, cutting across multiple industry domains, that is too long to compress. An entrepreneur since the age of 12, his competencies cover a diverse range of specializations, ranging from Marketing, Sales, Account Management, Investment & Finance, Business Operations, Research, Corporate Strategy & Structuring, Technology & Innovation, Project Management, Legal, Brand Development, Media, Advertising, Public Relations, Corporate Communications and more. His experience within the multiple Public Government Agencies, Investment Funding & Private Mentorship Programs sector alone, covers evaluating and advising over 2000 companies and counting in the Corporate, Start Up to MSME’s space over the past 18 years, making him well versed with various innovation trends. He continues to contribute and has influenced entrepreneurship policies and strategies within the government, agencies and ecosystem either in his personal capacity or through companies and industry associations.