Dobby is an expert in immersive experiences and crypto related technology with 6 years of experience in the crypto space as an investor and consumer of blockchain technology (DeFi, ICO, smart contract implementation), 5 years of experience creating immersive campaigns for brands as an Account Director for CONTEN.T, working with Chanel, Calvin Klein, Omega, Coach, Adidas, Timberland, and Shiseido just to name a few. He also has 2 years of experience in the NFT space as a collector, consultant and builder. Combining his experience with blockchain and brands, he is deeply involved in bridging the gap for brands to transition into web3 as well as create value driven metaverse/NFT campaigns that implements an immersive touch. The potential of NFT’s go beyond just hype and flexing. It is the evolution of digital identity and brand to consumer relationship. This takes the idea of community within the brand landscape and amplifies it on a massive scale.