Malaysia’s First NFT Conference

Get ready to be part of the first-ever M1nted ConFest where NFT artists and communities meet and share knowledge. That's 7 days packed with activations, airdrops, conferences, and more, M1nted is the place to discover NFTs and the endless possibilities it brings.

22 - 28 August 2022
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Our Venues

22 August 2022, Monday
Lot 10
Art Pillar
23 August 2022, Tuesday
Art x Fashion
24 August 2022, Wednesday
Battle Arena
Gaming x Fashion
25 August 2022, Thursday
26 August 2022, Friday
Tiffin at the Yard
Food and Beverage
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Join us as we unravel the evolution of Art through NFTs! Meet the people behind the technology, the marketplaces and most importantly, the artists as they share their experiences and learn what it takes to launch a successful collection. In between the topics, there will also be panel discussions led by Tezos, Futurise, Luno, and more!



Find out how NFTs are breaking traditions and making waves in the music industry. Hear from luminaries in the local and regional music industry from Monstercat, DAO Records, Bandwagon Asia and more,  as they discuss what’s hot in the world of Web3 music, how to kickstart your career, and much more!



Discover the world of gaming powered by blockchain technology and Web3. Learn about the future of Play-2-Earn with Rainmaker Games, get clued-in on some of the most exciting upcoming local and international projects, and more! Bonus content includes award-winning architect Qwaha talking about the future of real estate in Web3, and how you can purchase your very first property with Doodle Estate founder - Akshey.

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