Mohamed Dzariff Bin Md Wazilah

Mohamed Dzariff Bin Md Wazilah is one of Pentas IO's co-founders, a law graduate by qualifications, from Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. Further went on to complete his MBA from Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales. Prior to his endeavours at Pentas.IO, Mohamed DW served as Head of Company at one of the largest Malaysia’s private conglomerates, whose portfolios cover a wide spectrum of businesses, among a few brands that are under their umbrella are Ferrari, Ducati, Harley & Davidson, Brabus, Mercedes & Koenigsegg to name a few. Subsequently, charting his journey, initiated by a strong sense of the market demand for businesses to be more visible & the need for more robust organisational branding, he goes on to establish his own outdoor boutique advertising agency. He works closely with local media owners as well as international outdoors agency firms assisting local organisations to be more visible and potent when it comes to outdoor advertising & branding. Previously was also a business development director for a cybersecurity company that provides a sophisticated cybersecurity system for government agencies & PMO’s office. In addition to the above, Mohamed is also a sports enthusiast, mainly football. His adoration of the sports industry has inspired him to be one of the strongest NFT (Non-Fungible Token) supporters as well as an advocator. Currently fully dedicated & focusing on building Pentas to be the next unicorn, dominating blockchain & NFT market segment regionally.